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Our Services

We will work with you side by side according to your specific needs: whether it is deciding which funding program suits your project, writing the entire proposal to target the score “Excellent” or providing feedback on a re-submission.

We will provide you with templates that are based on best practices on proposals’ structure, budget and work plan. We will help you avoid mistakes, save you time and money, and give you the best chances of success in a very competitive application process.

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Proposal Writing
The process of developing a Horizon 2020 proposal can be complex. It involves many different stages from start to finish all within very strict time-frames.

We follow a process that ensures that the proposal covers all aspects of each evaluation criteria (Excellence, Impact, and Implementation), while highlighting the commercial potential of your product and European Impact.

We will assist to define a clear strategy and structure of the project that starts with the problem that you are addressing, presenting your proposition, quantifying the impact of your solution on the applying company and society.

Proposal Review
The proposal services review that we offer is conducted by an EU expert with extensive experience in evaluating Horizon 2020 proposal. We will provide you with written feedback on: 

o   Areas that need to be emphasized in the proposal to be in line with the requirements for SME Instrument Phase 1 or Phase 2

o   Suggestions to ensure that the proposal has a clear, coherent story

o   Recommendations on how to facilitate ‘vertical reading’ (headings to use)

o   Recommendations on the graphical way to present the information (tables, charts, etc.)

o   Grammar and typo corrections/ rephrasing sentences for clarity

It includes a 1 hour conference call to discuss the feedback and answer any questions that you have about the proposal, application process, etc.

We work with highly innovative small or medium enterprises (SMEs): start-ups, established companies looking to diversify their offering, R&D companies wanting to reach commercialisation of their innovation and to deploy it to global markets.

Contact us to discuss your consulting needs.

SME Instrument Training
The training is of high value to highly innovative companies looking to write their first SME Instrument proposal or to re-submit a proposal. Based on best practice from successful Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects, we will reveal the key aspects of every successful proposal: from how to define your project strategy and objectives to how to present your disruptive innovation, European impact, growth projections. The training covers all the proposal parts (Part A, Part B Section 1, Part B Section 2, Abstracts) and includes examples and tips on how to improve your writing style.

Contact us for a full schedule of the training.

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