SME Instrument proposal writing and templates

About SME Instrument

SME Instrument is a Horizon 2020 funding program that targets innovative SMEs with a potential to develop, grow and have an international impact. The total budget is about €3 billion over the period 2014-2020. The focus is on close-to-market activities (TRL level 6), with the aim to give a strong boost to breakthrough innovationmore

Horizon 2020 mistakes

Mistakes to avoid when writing a Horizon 2020 proposal

1. Not enough customer validation. Proposals often fail to demonstrate that the benefit of the product or solution to be developed are actually requested and appreciated by customers. For example, the proposals don’t include…more

Click on the map below to see the previous winners of SME Instrument across Europe

How to write a proposal that will receive funding

Top 10 tips to ensure that you submit an excellent proposal and improve you chances of receiving SME Instrument funding: 1. Assess if your project is mature enough and addresses the challenges described in the Horizon 2020 instrument description…more

evaluation criteria SME Instrument

Evaluation Criteria for SME Instrument Applications

The SME Instrument proposals are evaluated by 4 external experts. The experts give scores on a scale of 0-5…more

Looking to write a winning SME Instrument proposal? Discover our Guides and Templates, used by start-ups and mature companies to improve chances of success.

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